Saturday, May 25, 2013

1949 Newsstand

I don't remember when, where, or how I got this picture (obviously clipped from a newspaper of some sort), which is too bad, because it's obviously The Greatest Newsstand In History!

I mean, look at that selection! If I had been a kid and wandered into this place, I would have seriously considered running away and offering the owner to work there for free, on the condition I be allowed to sleep on the floor, lest I let a single comic book go unread. Here's closer shots of the titles:
Judging by the cover to Harvey Comics' Humphrey #6 (bottom row of the section closer to the camera), this pic had to have been taken sometime around May 1949. Truly amazing!

And while the pic cuts the rest of the caption off, it seems to say that the romance comics are filed in their own section, independent of the alphabetical hierarchy the rest of the books were subject to. Ooh, icky girl cooties!

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John Pitt said...

What a truly BEAUTIFUL sight!! JP.