Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rock on Sunday

A little somethin' for the ladies (and gay guys) in the house: a skimpily-dressed Rock Hudson reading the Sunday Comics!

Can't tell which ones Rock is reading, but at the time this photo was taken, Mr. Hudson was the coolest of the cool. Neat to know he enjoyed comics once in a while!


aquaman said...

He looks amazing! Thx for including us gay guys in this one! A man that struggled to hide who he was in life while leading a stars accountability. How sad he had to pretend for so much of his life. I will never forget his appearance with Doris Day on her show and how gentle and caring she was with him after so many refused to be seen with him. A lovely tribute to Rock and the comics that he loved!

volksvan said...

"DA ROCK owned the house across the strada from our's on Lido Isle, in Newport Beach. He was a really nice guy.