Wednesday, May 25, 2011

1949 Newsstand


I found this great "vintage newsstand" photo online, check out the comics selection! Here's a close-up:
...I had the hardest time dating this photo, since so many of the specific series' covers are hard to identify. But I was able to determine that the book seen third down from top right is Little Miss Muffet #13, which was cover-dated March 1949.

That would mean this photo was taken sometime in late 1948, early 1949--and judging by the men's outfits, I'd say this has to be California, Florida, somewhere where Winter is still pretty warm!


Richard said...

Agreed on Little Miss Muffet…but I also see what looks like the cover of Plastic Man #18 (Quality), Justice #12 (Marvel), Leading Comics #37 (National), all cover dated July 1949, and Marvel Family #36 (Fawcett) which is dated June 1949.

Was that the last issue of Little Miss Muffet? If so, could it be that issue stayed on the rack longer than it was intended to because no issue came along to displace it?

rob! said...

Interesting theory, RAB---yes, that is the last issue of LMM.