Thursday, June 17, 2010

Newsradio - 1998

I was catching up on episodes of the NBC show Newsradio, and in the Fifth Season episode "The Lam", we catch a glimpse of Matthew (Andy Dick) reading a Casper comic book, supposedly belonging to his boss Dave (Dave Foley) when he was a child. With a little detective work, I was able to determine the book in question is Casper's Ghostland #40, cover-dated Feb. 1968.

I always enjoy seeing real comics show up as props in TV or movies, but I really like it when a prop department bothers to get it right--this comic was on sale in late 1967. Since this set is the boyhood home of Dave Nelson, that means that the character would have been about five or six when this published, which lines up perfectly.

I'm sure it would have been easier just to grab any comic book and use it for the scene, because who else but obsessive nerds (cough) would notice? But they bothered to make the effort. Nice job, Newsradio Prop Department!