Sunday, November 22, 2009


I was watching the 1973 horror classic The Wicker Man yesterday, and, aside from all its other qualities, there was a scene where Sgt. Howie (the late Edward Woodward) enters a seemingly-innocent (everything in this movie is "seemingly innocent") candy shop.

For a brief second, you can see a rack of colorful magazines hanging on a rack by the door. Here's a close-up, as close as I could get:
The second magazine is pretty clearly Jack and Jill, but the bottom couple of mags look like British comics to me--the very bottom one has a Disney feel to it, but of course I can't be sure. Anyone have any ideas?

For those of you who haven't seen the movie, I don't want to give anything away. But if they are comics, I'm amused by the idea of a comics delivery guy whose route includes this very creepy island.

I wonder if they sold a lot of horror comics here, or did the island's young residents buy nothing but family fare to keep the illusion going this is an innocent little community?


pete doree said...

How have I never noticed this all the millions of times I've seen this movie? They must be British mags, we had american imports on the mainland, but there's no way they'd reach Summerisle! I'd say that's Look-In two above Jack & Jill ( kind a kids TV guide with TV adaptation comic strips ). And the bottom one suggests Huey, Dewey & Louie to me, so yeah, Disney. I'm racking my brains trying to think what comics a film crew in Scotland would've been able to pick up in 1972 / 73. Surprised The Beano's not there, as it's produced in that part of the world. Other's that should be there are Look & Learn or Whizzer & Chips. Dunno.

rob! said...


wow, thanks for the info! i figured someone out there might've known!

Karl La Fong said...

Great blog! The two British comics on the bottom of the rack are SANDIE, a homegrown publication for girls, published by Fleetway, and DONALD AND MICKEY, which combined British editorial content with US and European Disney strip reprints.

Unknown said...

Hey Rob!
I've been looking for a wire "spinner" comic book rack for some time now. I like the ones with the "white" pannels on top usualy saying 'comics' in some type of font. I've seen them also in white. I own a restaurant in Los Angeles called Cafe 50's. The rack I have is rather plain, sooooo if you EVER come across one similar to yours, black or white, I would love to buy one or two for my restaurants. (opening a new location in 3 months.)
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Thanks, Craig Martin

rob! said...


thanks for the info!!


That sounds cool. You can occasionally find these kinds of racks on eBay, but if I ever come across one I will let you know!