Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beyond Here Lies Comics

Bob Dylan has a new album coming out next week, called Together Through Life. The cover sleeve features a photo by legendary photographer Bruce Davidson, so when it came time to produce a video for the first "single", "Beyond Here Lies Nothin'", someone decided to make the video up entirely of photos by Davidson, from the collection known as "Brooklyn Gang."

As you might have guessed, this particular one above caught my eye, featuring your typical 50s teen in front of a rack of comics!

I can make out copies of Patsy Walker, Strange Adventures, and House of Mystery. It seems to my eye that the issue of HOM is #87, which was on sale around March 1959.

Bob himself has made numerous comic book references on his Theme Time Radio Hour show, making the circle somewhat complete.


wich2 said...

Cool indeed, Rob!

I think I also spy a Charlton ATTACK, a Charlton OUT OF THIS WORLD, and a --- LOVE from them?

-Craig W.

Zer0_II said...

I wanted to drop by here and say thank you for visiting my blog, and leaving a comment. You've got a nice looking blog here. Take care.


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