Monday, April 14, 2008

This Ain't A Library - 1946

This cool photo was sent to me by my pal Rick, who runs several comic-related blogs (what's with that?) like Mail-It To Team-Up. I never realized kids of the 40s actually dressed like that--beany cap and all!

That newsstand is certainly like the kind I see in my dreams, loaded from top to bottom with comics, more than I could ever hope to buy in a month with my meager allowance (why I'm not a millionaire, since this is a dream anyway, I can't say).

That issue of Modern Comics (top center) is #56, cover-dated December 1946, which means this was taken around September of that year.

Thanks Rick!


Anonymous said...

Actually, that's:

"This ain't no liberry!!!"

-Craig W.

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

Someone ought to do a book called "The Newsstand in America" and include all these exhilarating pics you post here. Unlike most other photos, newsstand photos are relatively easy to date. Would be fun to see a chronology.

Shamus said...

Were comics bigger then or kids smaller?

serin said...

Hi Rob,

What a great image! I'm wondering if you knew where your friend found it? I'd love to find a copy to use in a documentary film I'm working on. If you have any more info, please let me know!

Thanks so much