Thursday, April 3, 2008

Comics Shop Pre-History - 1945

This was another photo sent to me by my pal Tommy, who runs the super-fun Batman fan site The Bat-Blog. He doesn't remember where he found it; in any case, it sure is cool, maybe my favorite of all the ones I've ever posted here.

This industrious kid has set up his own little comics stand, and he's got copies of Gene Autry, New Funnies, Mutt and Jeff, Blue Bolt, and Captain Marvel Jr. for sale(that's issue #7, from 1945) as well as some other books.

You can see this was Comics Specialty Shop Retailing in its infancy, because A)there's a girl, and B)the owner is engaging the customers, not busy playing Magic: The Gathering.


Anonymous said...

Love that picture ...

"Hey, baby. Come here often?"

Swinebread said...

ah what could have been!

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

This is nothing but fantastic. It makes me nuts not to know where it's from! And it makes me wonder how many other great photos like it are buried in private collections, most likely never to be shown to people like you (or me) who would post them for the untold masses who would really appreciate them!