Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Comics = Happy - 1942

Another photo sent to me by my pal Rick, of Mail-It To Team-Up fame--a bunch of kids enjoying comics! What could be better?

Actually, it could be a lot better--I've seen this photo before here and there, and I believe its a shot inside one of the Japanese internment camps set up right after Pearl Harbor, one of the more shameful moments in our country's history.

But, if anything, this photo reiterates the Transformative Power of Comics--look how happy these kids look as they devour the newest issues of Marvel Mystery Comics, Feature, Wings, Blue Beetle, Spy Smasher (no irony there), and Uncle Sam Quarterly (ok, lots of irony, actually).


Rick L. Phillips said...

Mail it To Team-Up Fame? I didn't know I was becoming famous for it but thanks.

Swinebread said...

Transformative Power of Comics

You've just summed up in four worlds what i've been trying to explain about comics to folks for years

rob! said...

thank you sir!

that one of the reasons i love photos like this, and one of the reasons i worry for comic books future--you need a constant supply of new readers, because while you can appreciate/admire/enjoy comics as an adult, you never get hooked the way you do as a kid.

i mean, these kids are in PRISON, for lack of a better term, but look how happy they are, if even for a few minutes reading time!

Swinebread said...

I wonder if people in jail today get to read comics...