Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hey Kids, Monkees! - 1966

sgI found this groovy photo in the first issue of Warren Publishing's Freak Out, U.S.A., which I'm talking about today over at All in Black & White for 75 Cents.

That's Davy Jones enjoying World's Finest, while Mike Nesmith prefers Green Lantern.

So I got two day's worth of posts from one magazine--that's just good blogger sense.


Anonymous said...


I was a huge Monkees fan as a kid. When MTV reran the show in 86 and the band (minus Nesmith usually) reunited, I was really into it. I tried watching an episode a few years back, and its very, VERY dated. Makes the 66 Batman series look contemparary by comparison. But their music is still good pop stuff, even if they didn't get to play their instruments early on.


Rick L. Phillips said...

I too am a huge Monkees fan and have the entire series on DVD. I had the whole series on VHS when I recorded the MOnkees weekends that MTV ran in the 1980's. It is dated but still funny and good for nostalgia.

Rick L. Phillips said...

Oh by the way I believe that World's Finest #160 is the issue that Davy is reading.Not sure what Green Lantern issue Mike is reading.