Thursday, December 20, 2007

George Rears - 1975

sg George Rears A Christmas Story--My Mom had a super power. A very specific one. It would probably not get her into the Justice League, unless you are talking about the Giffen-era Justice League Antarctica.

When I was still a young Lad, about eight years old, I was still new to comics, discovering the exciting world of super-heroes. The Flash was my favorite, and Green Lantern was cool, because he had brown hair (Needless to say I’m starting to resemble the Earth-2 Flash more than GL, now). The Justice League really rocked. All these super heroes, star spanning adventures, and different heroes in every issue. All was good. Until Christmas.

I believe it was 1975, but it may have been 1976. After negotiating an allowance that allowed me to buy all the DC books I wanted (pretty much whatever by older brother wasn't buying). I discovered there were books about comics. Real books. Books with a flat spine and real "book" paper. Real books that exceeded my allowance.

I was in the book store (we only had one book store in town--well not exactly, let’s leave it as one American book store in town) and had noticed that right next to the Origins of Marvel Comics series, there was this brand new book: Secret Origins of DC Super Heroes. This was way too cool. It looked much more interesting than the book to the right, which was some sort of History of Comics dating back to the 1940s. I wanted this book. I needed this book. I asked for this book for Christmas.

Part of the problem with turning in your list too early, is that your parents start monitoring you to see if you really want what you say you want. As the holidays approached, I didn't realize my mother was tracking my every move. I especially didn't notice that my mom must have seen me check out this amazing book, the Secret Origin of DC Super Heroes, from the library (Heck, she probably drove me and let me use her card).

This all led to the fateful Christmas Day. I sat in front of a sea of presents (when you are young they always seem like a sea of presents, don't they?), and spotted instantly what could only be my requested paperback. I saved that for last, as I opened up some really cool Mego Action figures...then came the big gift. The secrets of my new Heroes was to be secret no more.

It was then that I discovered my Mom's secret power. It seems that she has the ability to find exactly what you want for Christmas, and then buy the thing immediately to the right of it. And that is how I still own to this day, a pretty cool History of the Comics dating back to the 1940s, instead of the Secret Origins book.

I was upset for a few days, until then I actually read the book. I can now credit my appreciation for history back to comic books, and of course my Mom's Super Power. Maybe next time I'll write about what I got when I asked for Trivial Pursuit a few years later….


Neal P said...

I know I could start an argument here, but I think your mom picked the better book! History of the Comics turned me into a hard core comic fan. Great story!

Grears said...

Looking back, you are right... but you can't tell that to an 8 year old. I must have reread the History book about 20 times throughout my life.

Anonymous said...

Awesome story! I remember getting the Secret Origins of the Super DC Heroes as a Christmas gift one year along with Sons of Origins of Marvel Comics.

I remember being a bit perplexed by the Golden Age Green Arrow origin presented in the DC book. If I remember correctly, it was more the origin story of Speedy, GA's young ward, than the Emeral Archer himself.