Saturday, December 1, 2007

Comics Out Of Time, Part 1 - 1975

sg Rob Kelly You could probably start a whole other blog if you wanted to just on the subject of when comic books appear in movies or TV shows and they're chronologically wrong.

Like a car expert who notices a wrong make or model in a period movie, comic fans(like me) immediately notice stuff like this and it always give you a chuckle and of course it goes by most everyone else.

One of my favorite examples is this one, from a fourth season episode of M*A*S*H(called "Der Tag"), where we see comic reader Radar O'Reilly reading a 1969 issue of The Avengers in 1952. How'd he do that?

What perplexes me is that this episode was filmed in 1975, so this comic was already six years old by then. Was this book from crew member's basement? Grabbing a current comic off the stands to use as a prop is a common, easily-made mistake, but this is even more unusual!


Plaidstallions said...

The answer is simple, a wizard did it.

Anonymous said...

I noticed something similiar on a Bonanza episode once...some kid was counting out his money, and a Roosevelt dime was clearly identifiable. Sloppy sloppy.