Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Past

sg Rob Kelly Surprisingly, I don't have many--if any--memories of getting comics for Christmas. As you can see from these photos, I frequently had Mego Christmases, and, from 1978 on, Star Wars Christmases, but I really don't ever remember getting comics from Santa.

Maybe that's because, at the time, comics were cheap, so if we ever saw one I wanted, I usually got it right there and then, not needing it to be put on my Christmas list. A
thirty-five cent issue of Brave and the Bold is one thing, a Death Star Playset is another.

I had great Christmases growing up, as you can see. I hope all of you had the same, and for those of you who have kids, are giving them Christmases they'll remember as fondy as I remember mine.

Happy holidays everybody!


Anonymous said...

OH NO, Little 70's Rob! Don't take that Jokermobile out of its box! NOOOOOO!

Merry Christmas, Rob.

Swinebread said...

You received some great stuff!

Merry Christmas

Grears said...

I think you may haave spawned a new catch phrase... "Have yourself a Mego Christmas".

rob! said...

>>Have yourself a Mego Christmas<<

i CANT have been the first person ever to say that.

...but if i am TM and © me!

K.B. said...

Awesome,..the Joker mobile. My favorite christmas was the Batcave Christmas. MEGO, MEGO, MEGO. (Always envied those that had the JLA Headquarters.)