Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What's The Frequency, Howard? - late 70s

sg I saw this photo referred to on Occasional Superheroine(who was, in turn, linking to this site) featuring R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck at the comic book store he worked at, circa the late 1970s.

I'm sure this job prepared Buck well for his future career as a Big-Time Rock Star--the fame, the thrills, the groupies; all the things that come with working at a comic book store.


Plaidstallions said...

Peter Bagge has a really funny tale about the Wuxtry and it's owner called "Holding the Bippey".

Anonymous said...

As a former comic shop employee, working at a comic shop does give you some amount of prestige. Of course only the stereotypical comic fans look up to you. So if you want to be god amongst men who don't bathe, have never kissed a girl, and still sleep in Micronauts sheets, well, be prepared to be worshpped.


Anonymous said...


"We are not worthy... we are not worthy..."

-Craig W.