Monday, November 5, 2007

Tales From the Newsstand

sgI was out running errands Sunday afternoon, and I remembered that I was very near one of the last old-timey newsstands that are around anymore. I make it a point that, whenever I'm in the area, I stop in and buy a comic or two.

I did so again this time(the name of the place is "Let's Be Newsy"; classic), and the place really is like the classic newsstands of old--small, dimly-lit, smells like tobacco, with racks and racks of magazines, comics on the bottom rows.

They didn't have too many, but I picked up a bunch of books for my girlfriend's niece--Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, Betty, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, as well as the final issue of Disney Adventures.

After the friendly older lady at the counter rung me up, I broke through my normal shyness and said "You know, I don't live that close to here, but every time I'm in the area I make it a point to stop in here and buy some comics, since you're one of the few places that still do."

The woman seemed delighted at that, and said she'd tell the owner and that he'd be happy to hear it. Will it increase his comic order? Probably not, but at least he'll know that someone still does appreciate the fact that he still carries comics.


Anonymous said...

Good on you, Rob.

Even small graces are priceless (and even small jackassitudes, seriously destructive.)

I'll bet you really DID make both of their days.

-Craig W.

Anonymous said...

Back in my hometown of Columbus, Indiana there's a old bookstore in the downtown district that continues to carry comics. The owner of the store told me that attorneys are his biggest customers for the funnies.

rob! said...

Daredevil, the #1 seller in Columbus, Indiana.