Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Neal Snow - 1980

sgThese awesome photos were generously sent in by Neal Snow.

Photo 1:Empire Strikes Back treasury comic, Spidey curtains...what else do you need?

Photo 2:Any of us(and/or our parents)can recognize this scene...the wreckage left behind after a long session of playing with your toys(Millennium Falcon), reading comics(Dazzler ...Dazzler?), and sleeping on our Spider-Man pillow.

As Neal puts it: "
If it wasn't for my dad's habit of photographing my bedroom when I let it get messy(he thought it would humiliate me into keeping it clean) I would have forgotten about most of the crap I had as a kid. And yes, I used to read Dazzler. Hey, I was only eight."

Fair enough. Thanks Neal!

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