Saturday, November 3, 2007

"Nah, This Will Never Work" - 1939

sgThis historic photo ran on the last page of DC's awesome Batman: Cover to Cover book.

There's no photo credits anywhere in the book, and no indication this has been Photoshoped to make it Historic--if it is a fake, it's a really good fake.

But it seems just too good for it to be real, doesn't it? I mean, who would've thought to take a picture of a kid reading a comic book, with the comic being the focus of the image?

Maybe this photo was taken just a few years later, by the time Batman had become famous but before it occurred to anyone a silly comic book would be worth anything, ever. If so--be gentle with that book, kid, it'll send your kids to college!


Rick L. Phillips said...

Is he really reading the book? He seems to be looking at the back cover. Otherwise we should be able to see the back cover too if he were actually reading the story.

rob! said...

well, according to my FFE of Detective #27, the back cover had a full page ad for the Johnson Smith Co.

and all their wonderful little cheap doo-dads, like x-ray spex and stuff like that. so he had probably just finished the book and wondered how he could spend the 5 cents in his pocket!

Doug Slack said...

It looks like he's holding it up for the photo. Perhaps he was on vacation and liked showcasing his comics in family photos. This could be a relative of yours, Rob. You should investigate.