Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Inflatable Hulk - late 1970s

sg Rob Kelly My pal Brian has been doing some wonderful work collecting photos and memories of various live, "event" appearances of superheroes over at his blog Plaid Stallions, but the one memory I've never been able to confirm with anyone else was one featuring the Hulk.

I have a distinct memory of going to the mall with my Dad(this was when we lived in Pennsylvania, so it would be sometime before 1979) and there was promoted an appearance by the Hulk!

Except the Hulk they had was not a guy from the local gym painted green, but a giant, inflatable version that pretty much...just stood there(this pic is not the one I'm thinking of, but it was the closest thing I could find). From what I remember, it stood something like twenty to thirty feet high!

Even as a kid, I knew that it was just a big balloon, essentially, and not the "real" Hulk, so I wasn't interested in getting a picture taken or even getting a closer look. But dammit, I know I saw it!

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Plaidstallions said...

That Hulk is one of the reasons I started that whole mess to begin with. The "Hulk" that appeared at my Woolco back in '75 was a big balloon of sorts, it had a small fan in the back and I could see the guy inside's loafers!