Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Hope It's Not Too Late! - 1982

sg Rob Kelly This ad ran in a 1963 issue of Justice League of America; at the time it was the cheapest, oldest issue of the book I could afford. To an eleven-year old, 1963 seemed like Ancient Egypt.

...but as you can see, that didn't stop me from filling out the order form, which confuses me on several levels:
1)As I mentioned, the comic book was nineteen years old; I was a dumb kid, but not that dumb
2)I had no money
3)I never liked war toys anyway!

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Anonymous said...


A lot of those El Cheapo gamesets had HO figures - Knights, Soldiers, etc. - from the grand old "Giant Plastics Co."

Never bought 'em from the comics, but sure did from Mom & Pop stores!

Here's some info:

-Craig W.