Sunday, November 11, 2007

Comics & Punishment, Part 2 - 1982

sgRob Kelly Continuing with yesterday's theme, my friend Steve and I bought this book off the newsstands in 1982. One look at the cover can tell you it was not the typical comic book fare for an eleven-year old(and Steve was even younger!)--the graphic violence, the, er, pneumatic heroine center-stage...this was no issue of Spidey Super Stories.

We didn't realize how different this was until we got back to my house and saw, just in the first story alone, frontal male nudity, topless women galore, a man having sex with a naked woman with the head of an ant(!), and, on the final page, the hero performing an act I would only learn about much, much later in my life.

We slammed the book shut as if we were drug dealers and the ATM had just banged on the door. Unfortunately, you couldn't flush a Warren down the toilet.

We talked for a while what exactly to do, since we know that if either of us was caught with this thing, it would mean some huge form of punishment, to say nothing of the embarassment of your parents having to discuss, in any form, sex. Ick.

I got stuck with "holding", since I was older and there was even less privacy in my friend's house. Later, after he left, I dared look further, and there was even more to worry about--Frank Thorne's gorgeous "Ghita" strip, which in this installment featured the heroine having sex on the opening page and some other woman with six breasts. Oh, lord--six times the trouble.

Eventually, after sucessfully hiding it for a while, I decided it wasn't worth the trouble and gave it to a friend; I can't remember who but he's probably still grounded.

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Doug Slack said...

That still resides at the bottom of your sock drawer today!