Saturday, November 10, 2007

Comics & Punishment - 1984

sgRob Kelly The first thing I always think of when I see these three issues of JLA(#s 225-227, a three-part story) is how I got them.

Sometime in 1984, I obviously did something very, very bad, because I was punished by my parents by not being allowed any comics for three months. I don't even remember what it was I did, but for my parents to hit me so squarely where I lived, it must have been bad. Hmm, I don't recall...did I ever kill a guy?

Anyway, this was 1984, just before I started going to a comics store regularly(the one I've mentioned before, called "El Dorado", had closed down by this time), so comics were still pretty much a gotta-get-em-now commodity. If I missed an issue, it was for all intents and purposes gone forever.

That was bad enough--to be denied my regular buys like Brave and the Bold, Star Wars, All-Star Squadron, etc., but the thought of not keeping up with the JLA--my all-time favorite comic title, then and now--was simply too much to bear. So I paid my childhood friend Steve to buy each issue that came out for the length of the punishment, as well as store them for me(my parents--especially my Mom--was so sharp she probably would've noticed any new comics suddently materializing in the house).

Like I said, the Great Comic Book Draught of '84 lasted three months. So when it was over, Steve handed me these three issues, and I read them all in one sitting. The comics were--and are--ok, nothing special, but at the time they read like The Spirit.

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Richard said...

It's the Itchy and Scratchy Movie incident all over again!

But really...I had a similar incident in my childhood, and one must credit our parents for knowing so well that such a punishment would hit us where we lived. However, like you, I can't remember what I actually did, only the penalty. If it didn't succeed in making us reflect on our misdeeds, if it overshadowed them completely, maybe this punishment -- while effective -- was a bit misguided?

I say that, but then again I've never been a parent...!