Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Rick Phillips - 1978

sgRick Phillips "For years I have had people ask me why I read and keep my comic books. The reason I read them is that I like them. The reason I keep them is a lot harder to answer. But it goes mostly to nostalgia.

Take the above issue of Green Lantern/Green Arrow #100. Some would say that I kept it because it is an anniversary issue. That is partly true. Others would say I kept it because I hoped it would be worth money someday. That is partly true also. But the real reason I have kept it around is because it reminds me of a certain day. Nothing really special about that day to anyone but I am comforted by it. Some people plan when they will buy something. For years I always bought a Christmas themed comic book on Christmas Eve and a week later on News Years Eve I would buy my last comic book of the year.

One year I bought a Hulk comic book because the first episode of the Hulk series was on that night. Like any addiction you used any excuse to buy your books. Then there are those quit ones that sneak up on you. This is one of them. I use to work at Showcase Cinemas as an Usher in the 70's. It was a part time job I did after school and on weekends. One cold cold snowy winter day I was working at the movie theater. I stopped on the way to work and bought this book. I sat in the parking lot and read the book then went inside to work. Later I simply went home. Driving in the snow all cold and alone in the car but excited about having this issue.

You see I told you it was nothing. But to me it reminds me of my youth. When I look at that book I am 17 again driving in my Pinto in an Usher's uniform on the way home. It's cold outside the car but warm inside. With those memories I am kept warm in my heart."

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