Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hey Dad, Comics! - 1941

sgRob Kelly I knew there was only one suitable image for our blog header--a shot of my Dad, age eight, reading a comic book!

Growing up, I sometimes felt like my Dad wondered who the hell this kid was, who was so consumed with comic books, cartoons, art, and other internal, inside activities, rather than sports or more gregarious hobbies.

To my Dad's credit, he never tried to change me, but I did always have that in the back of my mind. So imagine my surprise when I found the above picture!

It seems that even though the comic-reading habit never made it out my Dad's childhood, the DNA was there.

(btw, my Dad is reading The Shadow Comics, Volume 2 #2, cover-dated January 1942)


Anonymous said...

That's a great pic!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Rob, that is just too cool - and so great, that you have it!

My Dad doesn't tell many Comics stories; but he does tell tales of going to the Valentine Theater in Defiance, Ohio on a Saturday morning, to spend most of the day there for a nickel or a dime. And seeing several - new! - Looney Toons, a Serial chapter or two (Flash Gordon, etc.), and at least two "B" movies - sometimes, with a cowboy star like Hoot Gibson making a quick personal appearance.

And of course, gathering around the radio to LISTEN to The Shadow, and to the thundering hoofbeats of the great horse, Silver (coming from not too far away in Detroit...)

-Craig W.

Rick L. Phillips said...

Rob your Dad sounds like my Dad. My entire childhood Dad seemed to only care about sports. I saw him read the comics in the newspaper and on occassion comic books but her really loved sports. Try as I might I couldn't get into sports. Over time I found that Dad did have a love for comics and movies like I did. He had a comic book collection but Grandma threw them out when he was in the service. Superman#1 was among them.

Richard said...

The photo is just astonishing.

rob! said...

no one remembers, but it was probably taken by my Uncle Fred, who was a superb photographer. his compositions were professional grade, as this photo shows.

we had a hard time finding the photo, but i knew i couldnt settle for any other shot to be the blog header!