Friday, October 19, 2007

Doug Slack - 1984

sgDoug Slack August, 1984. I was enjoying our annual vacation in Ocean City, NJ. I walked to the corner book store to pick up the latest issue of The Mighty Thor(#349). I was hooked on Walt Simonson's now legendary revamp of the God of Thunder.

Unfortunately the gods did not smile upon me that day. The guy working the register rang up my sixty-cent comic with the NJ state sales tax.

"Sixty-four cents.

"No, it should be sixty cents."

"Sales tax."

"There's no sales tax on magazines."

"It's not a magazine."

"Sure it is, look..."

At this point I proceeded to point out the 'comic magazine' designation found in the indicia. But this modern day bridge troll was having none of it.

"It's not a magazine. It's a comic book. Books get sales tax."

Instantly I realized I was dealing with a moron. As much as I wanted that issue, there was no way I was going to allow this mouth breather to rip me off. By the Cask of Ancient Winters, this would not stand!

"I've never paid sales tax on a comic before!"

"Then you don't have to buy it."

Indignantly I returned the issue to it's wire rack and stormed out.

That bozo just lost a sale. On the walk back I imagined him later relating the story to his boss. His boss of course would be furious over his stupidity and I would be vindicated.

The following year the book store was gone, replaced by a take-out joint. Take that.

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chunky B said...

As I read these wonderful stories, I'm amazed at how you can also see how the price of comics has risen and in some cases fluctuated over the years.

Now it seems you pay four times as much, for less story, and tax on top of that.