Friday, October 12, 2007

D.C. Dill - 1976

sgD.C. Dill "I was always a DC kid, inspired by the Super Friends still to this day. This issue of Justice League of America holds special memories for me. It was this issue that made me first realize I was a comic collector.

It was the end of my fifth grade school year and my father had been restationed in Montgomery, Alabama. That seemed like a full country away from our current home in Rochester, New Hampshire.

One of the mothers in my Boy Scout Troop heard of our impending move and wanted to give me a going away present. She suggested this to my mother who reluctantly told of my love of comics. The woman knew a guy who was selling some of his old comics and offered to take me and let me pick out a couple.

This was my first experience with finding comics that were long off the shelf. I picked out a couple of things, this issue of JLA among them. I loved the 'disembodied head roll call' along the top of the cover.

Driving back, the woman strained to make conversation with me. I was far from the most liked kid in my Boy Scout Troop. Truthfully. I joined under duress. and abhorred camping, fishing and hiking. Anyway, she asked me if I was a 'comic book collector.' I said 'no, I just like to read them.'

'Do you keep them?'
she asked.

I answered, thinking, 'who wouldn't keep their comics.'

'Then you're a collector',
she stated.

And from that point on, I considered myself a collector.

As for the issue itself, it was glorious. A transporter accident fuses the bodies of Hawkman, Flash, and an alien, producing three mute, strangely powered creatures. Aquaman had a big moment and acually ended up bitch-slapping Green Arrow. I was extremely happy."

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