Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hey Kids, Comics! Family Photos

After far too long a period of Radio Silence, I am ready to announce that Hey Kids, Comics! the book will be published later on this year, first as an ebook with a print version following soon after.

There are of course many, many details to come, but the first thing I wanted to mention is how you--yes, you--can be involved!

Accompanying some of the essays in the book are vintage photos of the authors engaged in their first love: comics (as you can see above). I really get a kick out of seeing photos like this (I posed for a few of them myself since comics were so important to me and I wanted everyone to know it, in perpetuity!) so I think they'll add a lot to the book.

But the photos aren't limited to the contributing authors; no, I'd like to include a lot more of them, and that is where you all in come in! If you have a family photo like one of the ones you see above and would like to submit it for possible inclusion in Hey Kids, Comics!, here's what you have to do:

--Send a 300 dpi (or better) scan of the photo to

--The photo must be of you, so you have the legal rights to offer it for publication

--Any file format is fine, but JPG or TIFF preferred

--Please identify who is in the picture, and if possible when or where it was taken

If you have any questions, please email me or "Like" the Hey Kids, Comics! Facebook page and inquire there! Thanks!


Russell said...

Awesome! As soon as I saw the headline I thought, Hey, I need to send my picture....and there I am!!! Actual LITTLE Russell Burbage. Totally awesome, man! I'll see if I have any more....I think I have one of me in a batman & robin t-shirt somewhere....!!!
Great news, I am totally looking forward to this and will buy several copies to send to people as gifts!!

r duncan said...

What's the age cut-off for a "kid"? I've got one of me at 15/16.

rob! said...

Would love to see it, Rick!

r duncan said...

I found it. Age 13. I'll scan it and send it next week, probably Tuesday.