Saturday, March 22, 2008

Engrossed In Comics - 1939

sgI love this photo of a gang of kids engrossed in reading their comics.

The only book I can make out is the one in the middle, which is More Fun Comics #46, cover-dated August 1939.


Anonymous said...

The last kid is reading a copy of Popular Comics.

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

Hey Rob,
That's great! Very special. Where did you dig that up?


rob! said...

welcome, marc!

i did a google search and found it on some newspaper's blog.

someday i'd love to put together a book of nothing but these kinds of photos!

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

It's fascinating. I've never seen an archival photo from that period including black children. Such a wonderful look at what seems like "lost history." But you should credit where you got it!