Monday, January 14, 2008

Steve Spatucci - 1975

sg Steve Spatucci When I was five years old, my favorite shirt was, without a doubt--my prized Batman comic shirt! I'm happy to say I have a few large photos of me in the shirt, preserving the panels to the point of readability.

To be truthful, though, that's more than this garment deserves--I have no idea which company produced it, but it featured an all-blue (even the face) Batman, and an equally color-saturated Robin fighting a duo of villains that I'm no longer able to decipher.

From what I can see in the photo, one villain is wearing a green suit with a bluish metal cap, and the other is simply on fire. My memory may be failing me on this, but I recall thinking "I don't know these bad guys--they must have made them up just for the shirt!" Color is the dominant element here--everything is bright and bold, and--not surprsingly--the dialogue is Adam West-era winceble. I can make out "Must watch that spike!" and "Your army of thugs won't stop me!" when I really look at the photo up close.

My biggest frustration, and this I remember clearly from way back in 1975, was that the panels were repeated around the shirt and didn't form a readable comic story! My grandparents would humor me, pretending to read my "comic book shirt" while walking around me--but I knew the panels didn't create a satisfying or complete story. I remember thinking, "This shirt could have made adults like comics just as much as kids--if they only did a better job!"

Oh well. It made me feel loyal to comics, and that was a great feeling. And if nothing more, it may have
served to distract one or two people from the dorkish seventies home-made bowl cut my parents had given me.

And I realize as I write this, I have a big Batman logo shirt on. Some things never change...but the bowl cut is gone.


CaptainJersey said...

The funny thing is, I would wear that shirt today, if it camne in my size!

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the great, purple DC Super Heroes shoes my dad got me once. We got home, I showed my Mother my beloved new shoes, and we had to march back to the store and exchange them. She wouldn't let me wear them in public. CURSES!

D.C. Dill