Thursday, November 1, 2007

Tales of the Spinner Rack

sgIt takes a special kind of fan to want to own his own genuine comic book spinner rack, and then an even more special one to actually go out and get one!

This beauty is owned by my pal
Kevin Barber, and as you can see its filled with all kinds of four-color delights--Justice League of America, Flash, The Defenders, Marvel Two-In-One, The Avengers, even Super-Team Family! And who knows what wonders lay in store on the other two sides.

Also obvious is that this little corner of Kevin's house is a virtual comic book mecca, with statues, a Super Friends lunchbox, those cool mini-books featuring classic Superman and Batman covers, a book on Peanuts, and even some treasury comics sitting alongside the rack on the bookshelf. Hoo hah!

I have a spinner rack too, but unlike Kevin's, its in storage, bereft of any comics for the time being. It's good to know I'm not the only one out there obsessed enough to want one. Thanks Kevin!


Richard said...

I know one fulltime professional comics artist who also owns one of these, and has it filled with copies of comics he actually worked on. He may have done this just to make them easy to pull out for reference purposes...but it also strikes me as a way for him to stay in touch with his inspiration and a reminder of what made him choose that career.

Anonymous said...

Very cool. I once got a spinner rack from Rite-Aid for free. My mother-in-law-to-be hooked me up with it. It was a general magazine rack, but it did have spots marked "Marvel Comics" and "Archie Digests".


Rick L. Phillips said...

I have always wanted one to keep some of my books in. Perhaps some day I will get one. Thumbs up to you on this posting and to anyone who has a spinner rack. My cousin Steve is the first person I knew who had one. He works in bookstores and got it when one of them threw theirs away.

K.B. said...

Glad you guys enjoyed the rack. It does make me smle when i look at it. Simple pleasures !! I can remember when i used to be at the local 7-11 looking up and wondering how i was gonna get those treasures at the top.

Grears said...


wherever you are, whoever you are...

You are my new hero,

Super-Team Family in a Spinner Rack.

My goal, when I finally get one of these is to put my Rima run in one.

Lois Lane said...

Kevin, the rack looks great!
Did you refurbish it at all? Any tips?

I have two in my basement in need of some fixing up before I can use them for display (I plan to keep on in my office and put one in my sons' room, when they get a little older)

Tommy! said...

That's really neat to see with comic books in it! I have one that I found at a garage sale about 5-6 yrs ago for, get this, $8.00! It's the one that has a header at top that says, "Comics Are Fun!", with pictures of Archie, Superman, & somebody else's faces. It's sadly in storage but this photo is kind of inspiring me to get it out for display...very cool.


Batman Fans Please Visit,

Anonymous said...

Haha...I have a four sided spinner sitting right next to my computer desk, with two more stored in the basement (I used to own a comic book store and didn't have the heart to throw the racks away or even to sell them). When you see a used one for sale, grab it. To get them new you'd have to shell out at least 200 smackers.

rob! said...

if anyone wants to take some pics of their spinner racks and send them in, please do! i'd love to see how other people display their books.

Anonymous said...¤t=image040.jpg

Sometime in 1980...yep, those are Spidey curtains.

I'll take some shots of my spinner in a few...I have it loaded up with those book and record sets from the mid 70's.

rob! said...

that photo is fantastic, i'll definitely be putting it up soon!

Anonymous said...¤t=image042.jpg

I completely forgot that the curtains came with Spidey pillowcases and bed covers. If it wasn't for my dad's habit of photographing my bedroom when I let it get messy (He thought it would humiliate me into keeping it clean) I would have forgotten about most of the crap I had as a kid). And yes, I used to read Dazzler. Hey, I was only eight.

rob! said...


those are both great photos. Dazzler?

btw, can i use that Empire Strikes Back one for my site? its, of course, perfect for it!

Anonymous said...


Okay, I read ANYTHING superhero related. I didn't cultivate better taste until I had to actually earn money for my funnies fix.

I don't know why I didn't think of that photo for your treasury site. Yeah, it would be a better fit there.

BTW, do you have any plans on starting up a page devoted to the "Power Records/Peter Pan Records" book and record sets from the 70's? I'm shy of four to make a complete set of the standard sized ones (Tomb Of Dracula, the three Planet of the Apes adaptations). Yeah, I even have that tacky "Holo Man" one.

rob! said...


thanks for the ok--i actually plan to put it on both, since it works so well.

i shouldnt goof on you for Dazzler, since i read Shogun Warriors. the toys--yeah. the comic? not so much.

the Power Records thing is an intriguing idea, since i have almost a complete set(save Holo-Man), but i felt that without sound files it seemed a little pointless. but maybe just the gorgeous graphics on a blog would be nice...

Anonymous said...

Sound files? I have many of the records transfered to mp3's (all the earlier Marvel Superhero ones, a few of the monster and DC Superhero ones). If you decide to go with the idea, I can shoot the files to you.