Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Neal Snow, Part 2 - 1976

sgNeal Snow Thirty years is a long time to wait...

...but thanks to Skygal[Neal's missus--ed.], I don't have to wait any longer.

Back in the day(1976 to be precise) I was fortunate enough to have these two superhero poster puzzles (I'm the shorter and fair-haired crumb-snatcher in the pics). Well, one day in 1978, I came home from school to find them missing. My pops decided to throw out the puzzles and replace them with some lame-o NFL posters, due to my big brothers insistence. I was heartbroken.

And now, after several missed opportunities in finding these...they are mine again.

I's a li'l goofy to get this excited about puzzles...but I could care less.

Once me and the future missus get a place together, these bad boys are getting framed and put up in whatever room becomes our library.

Update: Since this was written, we've purchased the Spider-Man and Evel Knievel Aurora puzzles...dang, they're huge!

Update 2: Neal just sent me this, a shot of the Spidey puzzle in its full glory!


chunky B said...

I never knew these existed! They are awesome, the artwork looks to be from the Aurora models.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Aurora made up some puzzles based on the artwork from their mid-70's model kit releases. They also offered Captain America, The Hulk, Tarzan (with what looks like Neal Adams artwork), Planet of the Apes, and many of the Universal Monsters (the future missus is looking for the Creature from the Black Lagoon puzzle).

Anonymous said...

I have NEVER heard of these!!! Your wife has a fight on her hands for the Creature!!! LOL