Thursday, November 8, 2007

Brian Heiler - 1978

sgBrian Heiler I was never the healthiest kid in the world and when I managed to get sick on top of it, it usually meant me being bed-ridden for a week or more. Such was the case in 1978 when I came down with the flu.

My father was self-employed and rarely home during the weekdays, his time was out on the road making sales calls to the thousands of "Mom and Pop" convenience stores across the province. On Friday nights, he would call before he got home and with me being sick, my mother said "Can you bring Brian a new comic?"

Hours later, my snow covered father came into my bedroom with what had to be ten bucks worth of comics. Archie, Spider-Man, Disney characters, Bugs Bunny and especially memorable was this issue of Gold Key's Star Trek. This was the stuff of my dreams, before that day, comics came one at a time or the odd three packs but this, was a comic orgy.

It made me wonder at the time, if I was sicker than my parents were letting on but most likely my Dad just had a good week. The stack of comics was noticeably Gold Key heavy and that would make sense to me years later when I discovered that my dad used to have a pretty amazing comic book collection as a youth, with a real penchant for Turok.

Everything about that memory is vivid to me; I especially remember the feeling of those cold comics being dropped into my warm lap.

Nowadays, I find myself doing the same thing with my son, except he's more of a DC guy.


Rick L. Phillips said...

That was a good story. It sort of reminds me of what my Dad did for me when I was sick. Maybe I will share it here sometime.

Anonymous said...

Great story, Brian.

Those rare times when my poorish Midwestern-stock folks actually took us to a doctor's office, was an occasion for picking a goodie (like a Dell GHOSTS, or my first Swanderson SUPERMAN) from the spinrack in the drugstore across the street.

And I remember those Barren Years, between the TV show and the Saturday show, when one of the few sources of TREK was Gold Key!

(Don't recognize that cover, though - is it a good one? Al McWilliams art?)

Thanks again,
-Craig W.

Define999 said...

Great story!