Tuesday, October 2, 2007


sgWhile on our nightly walk, I got struck with the idea for a new blog, so as soon as Darlin' Tracy and I got home, I went to see if this blog name was taken--I was so close! So just remember--when searching for this blog, drop the cs in comics and add an x and you're here!

Anyway, one of the things that has always fascinated me about the world of comics--which completely dominates my waking hours, as the list of my other blogs at right will attest--are people's individual stories.

The times I had as a kid buying comics--first under my parent's supervision, then on my own--are some of the magical times I can recall. My first encounters with these four-colored wonders left an imprint on my life that I simply will never shake(nor do I want to!).

Anyway, those stories are what this blog is about--people's first, second, hundredth, or simply really memorable encounters with comics. Where they got them, how they got them, and what those memories mean to you now.

The days when a kid went to a corner store with a few bucks in their hand and bought comics are vanishing fast, if not already completely gone; I hope this blog will become an ongoing record of those great times in people's lives.

Over the next few days as I start looking for old photos, racking my brain for my stories, and formatting this new venture, I invite anyone with a love of comics to either leave a comment with their story(ies), or email me at namtab29@comcast.net and share them there, and I'll post 'em here.


(Oh yeah, I figured this would be a great first photo to post--arguably the coolest guy, y'know, ever, reading a comic book!)

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Anonymous said...


HEY, you snuck one in on us!!!

Kinda swamped now, but will try to cobble up a Tale of the Silver-Age World...

Best of luck,
-Craig W.