Friday, October 26, 2007

Two Refugees - 1942

sgI figured Corbis would be a good place to look for some of these type of photos; I also figured since I'm not making any money from this blog and I'm admitting I got this from them, then I'm not breaking some copyright law somewhere(I guess as a professional artist I should know this stuff).

Anyway, this is a photo taken in 1942 by Marjory Collins of German refugee child reading a copy of Superman at Children's Colony, a school from refugee children in New York.

There's some sort of Profound Statement implicit in this photo; a young kid having just escaped the Nazis reading the adventures of Superman, another refugee and the symbol of Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

This kid looks about nine or ten years old, which would've made him the exact same age as my Dad. Wonder where this guy is nowadays, and if he still has the comic...

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Anonymous said...

(...and look at how BIG that dang funny book is, compared to the later puny things... say, I wonder if The Majors ever tried to revive a bigger-size book...?)