Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Joe Jusko - 1972

sgJoe Jusko "I was coming home from school and I stopped at Andy's candy store because it was new comic day. As I scanned the racks for all the new stuff, my eyes caught site of a book I had never noticed before, probably because it was stuck on the top rack with the more 'mature' magazines. This was a time when magazines weren't racked with comics, no matter what the content.

It was a copy of Warren's Vampirella #21, with that great Enric cover of Vampi dying of thirst with the big Death's Head radiating behind her. After paging through the book and seeing Jose Gonzalez' art on the lead Vampi story, I had to buy it. This sure wasn't your typical comic art. It seemed like something so much more, somehow.
I found that book fascinating! So much so that I decided to send away for issue #1 from the back of the book.

Like every comic geek in history, though, I didn't want to cut out the coupon, so I made my own! This turned out to be a great decision on my part, as it was probably so illegible that the clerk handling back issues obviously didn't understand it.

About a month later (a looong month) I received a large package from Captain Company, the mail order service for Warren Publications. Inside were all twenty one issues to date (minus #3), plus the Annual with the incredible Gonzalez origin story! A note included read, 'Sorry, we were out of Vampirella #3, please accept these as a replacement.' I couldn't believe it! Truth be told, I was sure they would realize their error and send someone to take them back! What else would a twelve year old think? LOL."

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