Wednesday, October 17, 2007

DC's Comic-Pacs - 1963

sgThis is an ad for the "Comic-Pac" method of comics retailing that ran in a 1963 issue of Justice League of America.

While hardly anyone liked the Comic-Pacs, they were apparently fairly profitable for publishers, distributors, and vendors alike, so DC and other companies kept with them for a while.

And even though I didn't like them much as a kid, either, I honestly think I would've wet myself if I had ever seen this
awesome display in a store.

Further reading: You can find out some more info on them via Mark Evanier's
blog, and you can see the one Comic-Pac I own here.


Plaidstallions said...

If I could afford too, I'd fill my house with them. Especially the Western Publishing ones.

A good friend of my dad's distributed them for a while, we'd visit his warehouse and he'd say "take as many as you want" which with my dad in tow, meant one.

Neal P said...

I remember buying a lot of the Whitman Comic-Pacs in the 70s, which could be Gold Key or Charlton back issues. I would always try to twist the bag around in different ways to catch a glimpse of the comics underneath the top comic. Usually, I couldn't see much more than the logo, which didn't help me determine whether I already owned it or not. Still, if the top comic was a back issue that I really needed for my collection, it was worth it even if I already owned the other two.

Anonymous said...

I remember buying a few of these packs, usually the DC comics bags that were re-branded "Whitman" over the DC Bullet. I recall one pack that had a great Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes cover peering out throgh the poly-bag - Sunboy's powers were going haywire and he was broiling his teammates! Since Sunboy was my fav' Legionnaire, I snapped it up not caring what the other comics in the pack were. I think I got a Wonder Woman and an Action Comics, not sure anymore. But that ish of Superboy and the LoSH was really cool.

I hear those Whitman / DCs are rather collectible now.

I also remember buying a comic-pack labelled Modern Comics which was a trio of re-branded Charltons. I became facinated by a back-up in one of the comics. IIRC it was a super-hero story by Ditko with a lead character called Killjoy. At the time, I remember wanting to read more about this strange character. Now, I can't even clearly remember what he looked like.